Research Outline


Molecular self-assembly is a charming topic in modern material science, since such a noncovalent interaction is spontaneous, reversible and directional, and have a large possibility to change and improve chemical or physical properties. On the other hand, photochemical process is usually rapid and precise and can be operated remotely without generating any chemical waste, and it have continued to attract attentions. We usually combine two of these fashions to address different scientific issues regarding luminescent molecules and materials within those perspective of long wavelength engineering, singlet/triplet emissive behaviors, luminescent color conversion, etc.



Research Branches

1. Optofunctional Molecules Capable of Long Wavelength (Visible and Near-Infrared) Response and Emission.



2. Singlet/Triplet Emissive Pathway Regulation by Molecular Design and Self-Assembly.



3. Controllable Photocrosslinking on Self-Assembly for Luminescent Color Conversion.



Group Facility

- Fume Hoods & Utilities

- Balances

- Hotplates

- Vacuum Pumps

- Rotary Evaporators

- Vacuum Ovens

- Ultra-Pure Water System

- Ductless Fume Hood

- Centrifuge

- Ultrasonic Cleaner

- Fridge

- Spin Coater

- TLC Plate Cutter

- Injection Pump

- Dehumidifier

- UV-Vis Spectrometer

- Fluorophotometer

- Circular Dichroism Spectrometer

- Abbe’s refractometer

- Electrochemical Workstation

- Micro-Melting Point Apparatus

- Portable Raman Spectrometer

- Lab-Built Microscopic Imaging System

- Cell Room as well as the Related Facilities


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